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What People Say

“I am a barrister specialising in cases in which involve chronic severe pain. I have worked with Anne Felmingham and Paul Turner for several years and in a wide range of cases. In my direct experience, both offer an exceptional service. They focus on their clients’ priorities and needs and ‘go the extra mile’ to meet them. They are also both highly effective litigators and negotiators. I have also been particularly impressed by the way in which both have promoted clinical strategies within the litigation - rather than leave a client in the hands of an often-over-pressed NHS. I have seen many examples in which they have worked extremely hard to arrange private consultations, investigations, assessments, and treatment to achieve the best possible clinical outcome for a client. That extra determination often has benefit of achieving a (crucial) settled prognosis before conclusion of the claim, and where it achieves improved medical outcomes it can make extremely difficult and/or controversial cases a great deal easier to compromise.”

- Julian Benson, Barrister

“We were so impressed with what you have done for my dad. Your advice was extremely clear and the professionalism with which it was delivered was beyond anything we experienced before”

-  AP


“In my time as a personal injury lawyer I have seen many people at their lowest and it has been my absolute privilege to help those people through the dark times in order to help them realise their potential and to enable them to get their lives on track” 


- Anne Felmingham


FT Chronic Pain Solicitors

“Paul conducted his work in an efficient and professional manner. His foresight was truly remarkable. My case was successful due to his dedication, knowledge and perseverance”


- Steve Traveller

Market Lavington

“Paul has been an inspiration, a friend when needed and a great professional. He’s helped me find a little peace in between a lot of pain”


- Glyn Oldfield


“I was particularly impressed by the level of communication and how Paul kept me informed during my claim. I always felt listened to at every step of the way and there were timely updates on the claim’s progress. Paul’s approach was nothing but professional”


- Chris Dutton


“As lawyers I am sure Anne and Paul would say that is their job is to help, but I can honestly say that they go above and beyond their duties, always coming across as warm, friendly and never appeared to be phased by anything”


- Lucy Jones


“Anne and Paul have been amazing throughout the whole process and have given an incredibly personal and friendly service and have been so patient and understanding. Nothing has ever been too much trouble. Our input has been welcomed and decisions made easier with their guidance. They are an absolute credit to their profession. I feel very fortunate to have met them”


- Sarah Jane Eyles


“I am passionate about client care and will ensure that you understand every stage of the claims process. I am always here for my clients, whose conditions are often life-long and they don’t stop suffering at 5pm when traditional offices shut. You are my absolute priority, I'll ensure you are at all times fully aware of what is going on and will make myself available to you out of hours to answer texts and provide support. I love what I do and this shines through in the results I achieve for my clients”  


- Paul Turner


FT Chronic Pain Solicitors

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