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How Compensation is Calculated

How are Chronic Pain Compensation Amounts Calculated?

Every case is different, but the amount of compensation is usually quite substantial. An individual suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) can receive settlements ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of pounds. This is to allow a CRPS sufferer to secure medical treatment, and to be able to live comfortably. Similarly, the Whiplash average payout can be around several thousand pounds for mild cases or, where the pain is ongoing, up to a hundred thousand pounds for severe cases.

At FT Chronic Pain Solicitors, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about personal injury compensation. We’ll be able to provide detailed guidance on your case after conducting a review of the facts.

Compensation Calculations

Compensation usually falls into three categories. These categories are general damages, past losses, and future losses.

General Damages

This portion of chronic pain compensation is for living with the pain and suffering these conditions cause. The most you are likely to see awarded for general damages (injury alone) is £80,000. However, in some cases where symptoms are particularly severe or an amputation is required, this can be as much as £150,000.

Special Damages - Past Losses

This portion of personal injury compensation is for verifiable losses, such as lost wages, lost bonuses, the cost of medical treatment, and more. Just about any financial loss that can be linked to chronic pain can be potentially covered as part of past losses. A skilled solicitor will work with you to produce a detailed calculation encompassing everything that should be claimed.

Special Damages - Future Losses

This portion of chronic pain compensation almost always includes the same considerations that went into the past losses’ calculation, so you can see why having expert representation is extremely important. The amount compensated for considers two dates. The first is the date the claimant would ordinarily expect to retire. The second is the likely lifespan of the claimant.

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We also act for clients who have been diagnosed with the following chronic pain conditions:

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Special damages form the largest proportion of a personal injury claim and can amount to millions of pounds, just like this case study. 


The purpose of the calculations and these dates is to determine the figure that would replace all of the things the claimant will lose throughout their life as a direct result of their diagnosis.


Essentially, the court determines what a claimant would have received had they never been afflicted by their chronic condition.

The Final Compensation Figure

As you might have guessed, the final figure is the sum of general damages, past losses, and future losses. If you have strong representation that helps you prove your losses, past, present, and future, you may receive a substantial award. Life with chronic pain can have far-reaching impacts, and FT Chronic Pain Solicitors are here to help you gain access to the best treatment and compensation you deserve.

Length of the Compensation Process

How long the compensation process will take is an extremely common question, and as the cost of rehabilitation and lost earnings stack up, it is easy to see why. Unfortunately, with most legal proceedings, it is not always easy to estimate. Defendants do have time limits for their responses, but it can never be known how fast they will respond. If a defendant wants to drag the process out, there are a lot of ways that they can do that.

In addition, the court itself can move at different speeds depending on how busy it is. The average time for a personal injury compensation claim to conclude from start to finish is approximately two years. Still, many chronic pain cases can last for five years, depending upon the value and complexity.

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