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What is Calmare Therapy?

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Calmare Therapy for CRPS

There are a number of therapies available for CRPS. One such therapy widely discussed in the US and talked about in chronic pain groups is Calmare Therapy, also known as Scrambler Therapy.

What is Calmare Therapy?

The therapy is non-invasive, there are no medications involved and it was widely heralded as an option to allow the patient to avoid having a spinal cord stimulator (SCS) which is invasive and carries some risks.

Calmare Therapy involves an approach similar to using a Tens Machine. A 'no-pain', low-current electrical stimulation message is transmitted to the nerve via surface electrodes applied to the skin in the area of the patient's pain, disrupting the pain signal to your brain, and can give immediate relief.

This is the scrambler effect.

How long does Calmare Therapy last?

The treatment is repetitive (usually between 10-12 sessions) and each session typically lasts up to an hour. Effects can be long term or short term. Some relapse can happen, but more sessions are recommended. The outcome is patient dependent and of course when in their diagnosis they have the treatment.

How can I get Calmare Therapy?

Availability is in the UK is limited, and in the US it is insurer dependent, since healthcare there isn’t free.

As one of many options for pain management reading around the outcome and patient testimonials is always essential before considering discussing this with your clinician.

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