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What Compensation Can I Claim? A Guide to General and Special Damages

Fanned out money of 50 pound and 10 pound notes

Chronic pain claims are complex, they may involve many elements which we seek to recover from the paying party, for example:

  • Surgery

  • Adaptations for your home or seeking out a new home

  • Treatment for CBT, EMDR

  • Prosthesis for your artificial limb

  • Motability vehicle(s)

  • Bedding and other household equipment

  • Exercise bike or any treatment/equipment needed otherwise

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Cleaning and gardening & other household help

  • Driving assessment

The list is endless and tailored to you.

So how do we know what we can claim for your compensation?

We look at any expenses you may have incurred when you come to us and will ask for evidence of these to support a claim. We then get to work to look at other losses (past losses) and investigate future losses.

Compensation: Special Damages

If you cannot work or have changed to part time hours, lost your job etc. we seek out pay slips, personnel files, accounts if self-employed, and all evidence we need to show your lost earnings/income/bonuses. If we need to, a forensic accountant is asked to advise on your claim, such as pension, any benefits you would have received, increase in income as you aged, promotions you would have secured, but for the accident. There are so many components.

All of these are called special damages.

Any losses which are financial as a result of the accident which can be proven to relate to your injury are claimed. Special damages are placed into a schedule which is a document which explains what your losses are and how they have been suffered.

Medical evidence is pivotal to your claim for special damages. Without medical evidence there is no official opinion which tells the other side and the Court what your condition is and why you cannot work or why you need items claimed in the schedule of losses. The experts in your case are important because their opinion will set what it is you can claim.

Compensation: General Damages

Their opinion also allows us to value your claim for the injury element. This is called general damages and both special and general damages comprise your compensation award (also known as the settlement amount).

Normally when we negotiate settlement offers from the compensators are put forward on a global basis, this is one figure which combines both general and special damages. The total is then reviewed alongside your medical evidence, schedule of special damages and we advise you on this and whether to reject, counteroffer or accept the offered sum.

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In any claim we work hard to ensure you have the right experts instructed because we know the impact this can have on your compensation award.

At FT Chronic Pain Solicitors, we are tried and tested at successfully pursuing chronic pain claims. We have a panel of experts that we know give sensible and balanced opinions.

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