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Top 5 reasons to move your claim to FT Chronic Pain Solicitors

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We have spoken with many clients who want to move their claim and they all say the same thing. If it isn't already frustrating enough to be living with a life-altering condition, most people find a general lack of understanding from their current solicitors around these conditions. This can lead to being advised poorly, and ultimately settling for far less than what you may be owed.

The five most common reasons our clients want to move their claim:

  • "My pain is ongoing, but the medical expert says I should have recovered, my lawyer has advised I settle my case, I don’t know what to do."

  • "My lawyer has told me they do not know what my chronic pain condition is, they have had to look this up."

  • "I have been diagnosed with chronic pain on the NHS but the expert for my claim does not agree, what do I do now?"

  • "I think I have CRPS but I have been offered a low sum to settle my claim, I can’t get hold of my lawyer to discuss this, I worry I won’t be able to work again and if I settle I will lose my house."

  • "I have CRPS but the only expert I have seen is an orthopaedic consultant. I don’t know what to do?"

The common theme we encounter is related to needing a specialist who knows about chronic pain conditions and how to identify the signs and symptoms within your claim.

Contact FT Chronic Pain Solicitors today

Does any of this sound familiar?

Are you questioning what is happening with your claim?

Would you like to move your claim to us?

At FT Chronic Pain Solicitors, we are tried and tested at successfully pursuing chronic pain claims. We have a panel of experts that we know give sensible and balanced opinions.

Contact us today and see how FT Chronic Pain Solicitors may be able to change your life.

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