CRPS & Amputation

Updated: May 9

Amputation and Quality of Life for a CRPS sufferer.

CRPS & Amputation  by FT Chronic Pain

I write this from knowing one of our clients is going through this. It almost becomes the norm in conversation for him, for us, his team, his family, but, in the wider context of the everyday a subject none of us has ever contemplated or hope they never have to.

Such is the life of a CRPS victim, I say victim because it robs everything from you, slowly but over time we see clients brave the everyday and yet always find a smile. Yet life is torn apart and we stand with them as they try to slowly rebuild a new life dealing with the new norms and figuring out a way forward.

It is a privilege to be part of each and every one of our clients' lives, they let us in, share the good and the bad, we therefore work tirelessly to get them compensation, rehabilitation, diagnosis, interim payments… because that is what we do but also because we care.

So, when reading late at night I came across an article on amputation, this is why I am here, to share this with you and perhaps you are dealing with the decision as to whether you have this or not, a decision no one should have to make, but, we know you feel there is little option left and you are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

The article is a little heavy to read, but, has some excellent facts that may help. Date wise also fairly recent, 2019 which is a bonus since we all know there is very little out there on CRPS which is up to date.

Check out the link here. It may help, it may not, but as a specialist lawyer in chronic pain, its my job to know this stuff and I will be sharing in case it helps even one person.

Anne Felmingham

Partner, solicitor with expertise in chronic pain compensation claims.

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