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Can I Move to a Chronic Pain Specialist Solicitor?

Can I Move to a Specialist Solicitor? by FT Chronic Pain

In the film the Matrix Neo was asked which pill he would take, one would take him on a path to find answers, the other to remain as he is.

Sometimes clients explain this very dilemma when they have a solicitor on board already and are looking to move law firms.

Yes, using the matrix as an example is quite dramatic, but actually its not far from the truth.

The right choice of lawyer makes all the difference to getting you to the place you need to be.

One of the most common telephone calls we receive is related to moving solicitors. The main question being, can I move my chronic pain personal injury claim? The question stemming from that feeling that their lawyer just doesn’t have the time to help them or knowledge of a complex medical condition like chronic pain.

The short answer is, yes you can.

You can choose, you are allowed to choose who represents you.

Funny isn’t it though since many of our clients were assigned a lawyer from day 1 of their claim, and never thought for a second they could find the person they want to act for them and pursue compensation.

So, why you ask am I writing about this?

For 5 reasons:

  • Your claim may continue for many years - so your lawyer gets to know you really well, some firms just don’t have time for this, you remain a reference number and not a name. The person or insurance company you are claiming from never meets you, it is your lawyer they deal with. So, it is really important to have someone who knows you and takes the time to get involved in your claim otherwise you become one of the many and really you need personalised service.

  • Your claim is unique – there I said it, you and what you need from your claim is unique to you, not a process, not a number. So many firms run high numbers of claims and yours is just one trapped in a process, why would you choose that? You don’t have to you can choose to find a lawyer who will treat your claim as unique as you are.

  • Your claim for compensation may be life changing and become complex as well. You need to have the right person or team backing you because the right advice can ensure you are supported for life. The wrong advice can see you without the compensation you need and deserve. Why risk losing thousands of pounds?

  • You have been diagnosed with CRPS, Fibromyalgia or other Chronic Pain Condition, and your lawyer has to look it up to know what this is. Why would you not have a specialist chronic pain lawyer acting for you? Yes this may sounds obvious but when you are with a firm for a leg injury which does not recover and you are overwhelmed because you found out you have CRPS maybe that lawyer or law firm are no longer the right fit. A complex diagnosis requires the right lawyer and the right team. If you lawyer needs to research your diagnosis then they really won’t have the right experts, barrister or case managers on board. Why risk it?

  • It is your claim – you choose, you instruct your lawyer and it can have a profound impact on your life.

So, here you are ready to take the leap and call us. We know this because we are a team, your team in fact. Two partners in a firm who are small for a reason, because you won’t be one of many, we value you as an individual and can give you individual attention and support.

Contact us today and see how FT Chronic Pain Solicitors may be able to change your life.

Call us: 0800 999 1078


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