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Assisted Living Mobility Aids: Ultimate Guide

If you have a chronic pain issue that gets in the way of your everyday life, it’s important you have access to mobility and assisted living products that can help you and your loved ones lead a better quality of life. For example, if you have conditions like CRPS or Fibromyalgia then you can choose various products that are completely VAT-free. VAT relief allows people to purchase goods and services exempt from VAT that are not taxable. 

Keep on reading to find a list of products that are exempt from VAT that can help you go about your day and manage these types of conditions. Looking at the figures, someone buying all of the items listed could stand to save almost £700. Checking you are eligible for VAT relief is always worth it. 

A table with 2 rows and 4 columns demonstrating the total products below and how much you can save in VAT relief on assisted living mobility and disability aids. products

Who is eligible for VAT relief? 

According to the Government website, several various conditions make you eligible for goods and services that are VAT-free. Some of these include: 

  • A physical or mental impairment which has a long-term and substantial adverse effect on your ability to carry out everyday activities.

  • A condition that the medical profession treats as a chronic sickness (that’s a long-term health condition).

Some of the goods you can buy VAT-free include: 

  • Medical and surgical appliances.

  • Wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

  • Equipment to aid the hard of hearing, and low vision aids.

  • Specialist beds, chair and stair lifts, rise and recline chairs and other lifting equipment and sanitary devices.

  • Goods that have been designed solely for disabled people.

  • Computer equipment.

  • Emergency alarm call systems.

  • Boats.

  • Parts and accessories.

1. Mangar Bathing Cushion

One useful product is a Mangar Bathing Cushion. This product is an electric bath lift that is high quality, comfortable and lightweight. The product is supplied with its own battery-operated Airflo compressor. This item is one of the cheapest bathing cushions on the market giving users maximum comfort. If you have fibromyalgia, a bathing cushion will be helpful for soothing a sore body. The item comes in at £504.54 including VAT, but with the VAT relief, this comes in at £420.45.

2. Roll-A-Ramp Turning Platform

Another helpful product includes a Roll-A-Ramp Turning Platform. This item is perfect if you do not have a single straight ramp due to a lack of space, or maybe you wish it to run parallel to a stage or building. This item can help those with fibromyalgia by allowing ease of movement, as well as allowing individuals to access new environments, helping mental health. The item with VAT relief comes in at £1,899.95 and includes VAT at £2,279.94.

3. Mobility Smart Benches, Seats and Chairs

Mobility Smart have a range of benches, seats and chairs appropriate for multiple daily uses, to make those comfortable who need them. One example includes their Deluxe Wall Mounted Shower Seat. The seat is designed to give individuals extra support whilst using the shower and has adjustable legs as well as a height-adjustable seat. A mounted shower can help those with chronic pain because the seat can be something to hold onto whilst showering and push onto when getting up. The item can also be mounted to a wall if space is an issue in the shower. The product comes in at £124.95 with VAT relief and £149.94 including VAT. 

Another item Mobility Smart sells is a Deluxe Tilt In Space Shower Commode Chair. This item reclines from -5 up to 30 degrees meaning the user and operator can manoeuvre in the easiest way possible. The way the chair is designed means patients can clean in private. The chair comes in at £499.95 with VAT relief and £599.94 including VAT. 

The Kingfisher Bath Board with Handle promotes user comfort and safety when bathing, which is great for those with chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia. The item is also adjustable allowing it to fit most Bath shapes and sizes. The price comes in at £22.95 with VAT relief and £27.54 including VAT. 

As far as benches go, Mobility Smart offers a Comfy Transfer Bath Bench which is an extra comfy wide bath seat which has two legs inside the bath, and two legs out. This helps to promote water drainage with comfort and support. With VAT relief, this comes in at £142.95 and £171.54 including VAT. 

4. Grab Rails

Grab rails can be great for increasing safety if you or a loved one struggles with mobility. A NRS Healthcare Swedish Bath Grab Rail in grey can be a great choice for reducing the chances of slips and falls around a home, or entering a bath. They are made of premium chrome-plated steel meaning they will be strong for years to come. If you have a chronic pain condition like fibromyalgia, consider some soft grips that can help with joint pain. The price with VAT relief comes in at £35.59

5. Kitchen Workstations

The highly versatile Kitchen Workstation is a well-proportioned food preparation board that also features a range of additional aids that have been specifically designed to help the user with a wide array of those day to day kitchen tasks.

The workstation includes a useful clamp that can be used to hold food for preparation, as well as vegetables for slicing, and bread for cutting. Multiple different accessories are included and can be secured to the workstation bringing ease of use for the operator. The price of this item comes in at £38.95 with VAT relief and £46.74 including VAT. 

 6. JML Hands-Free Automatic Can Opener

The JML Hands-Free Automatic Can Opener is useful for those who may be having issues with their other limb for example, they can open a tin successfully with only one hand. With a VAT exemption on this item, then the total cost would come down to £12.00 The full price is £15.00. 

7. Boots Bath Mat Rubber Non-Slip

The Boots Bath Mat Rubber Nonslip is useful for reducing the risk of a slip or fall from those individuals who may have mobility issues. The mat includes a texture so it grips onto your feet if they are wet. Rubber mats are also good for those individuals with fibromyalgia because there is evidence out there to suggest acupressure mats decrease heart rates, and improve circulation. The standard price comes in at £7.00, however, if there was a VAT exemption this could come down to £5.60

8. Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser

The Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser is really useful for allowing individuals to make hot drinks safely. The device removes the need for those with mobility issues to lift a kettle with boiling water, which can increase the likelihood of serious burns. All users need to do is press a button to fill and pour. The full price comes in at £49.80, but with a VAT exemption, you could get it for £39.84

9. Pan Holder

Mobility Scooter Plus offers a Pan Holder that offers one-handed stirring for those who may be suffering from mobility issues. The pan holder is designed to sit in the steel wire frame allowing the user to be confident with string with one hand. The item comes in at £26.08 with VAT relief. 

10. NRS Healthcare Undo It Jar Opener

Complete Care offers an NRS Healthcare Undo It Jar Opener which can be designed to be fitted underneath a kitchen worktop. The jar opener also has a non-slip lining. The item is useful for those individuals who may have mobility issues or only have one limb. The price comes in at £9.99 with VAT relief and £11.99 including VAT. 

The table below summarises the potential savings you could get when taking advantage of VAT exemption. 

Table of 15 rows and 4 columns showing each assisted living mobility aid product in the article's price with and without the VAT relief and the potential savings

Overall, we hope this list has been beneficial for those with chronic issues who need products in their life to help with day-to-day living. Has your chronic pain injury not been your fault? Do not hesitate to get in touch with FT Chronic Pain Solicitors if this is the case, who will happily discuss your needs to start a claim. 

*Prices correct as of 31/01/2024


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