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Updated: Jun 17

Fibromyalgia Latest Research by FT Chronic Pain

As part of our everyday here at FT we are always trying to seek and learn about new support, treatments and anything we can explore with our clients.

Since we are involved in our client’s treatment, we ask questions of the experts involved in the case and we are working hard to ensure our clients have their future protected I come across a lot of information.

The link below is an update on fibromyalgia, it provides some interesting research findings and certainly worth a read, published in April 2021 so very topical.

Fibromyalgia alongside remains one of the most misunderstood chronic pain conditions, widely rebuffed as non-existent and even down played as a psychological condition which can be fixed with some CBT or EMDR.

I know as do my clients that this is a very real condition.

Let’s keep reading and sharing information on chronic pain, without it we will never be able to break the silence so many suffer.



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